Is puck from glee really gay

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AIM OR Threads. MY AIM Name IS: Escapedrunaway. Bartender at a gay club ends up. Shu, Puck OC X Brodie, Adam, Finn Mr. Shu, Puck, Sam Sam X Puck, Finn, Mr. . I really like them together!

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Will decides his real dream as a teacher is to make kids not get plastic surgery. This is why he’s such a menace. Not really your business, Will. . Puck announces that girls are less hot after nose jobs.

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Someone had to spice up this cow town. . Coach Sylvester is cracking down and putting her Cheerios on the Sue Sylvester Master Cleanse. . Puck. Everyone should be learning from you.

So I’ve done a lot of Glee-watching this week, and I’ve decided to pick my favorite line from each and every episode. . Gay drama (love ya Klaine, but snoozefest). Really, is there anything better than the Terri fist pump?

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This was such a great Glee moment. Rachel and Quinn have a heart-to-heart of sorts, wherein Quinn acknowledges that she’s a bitch and Rachel forgives her, and asks her to come back to Glee. . Trite, thy name is Gleeeeeee.

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Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. . ~leandruskis 14 Deviations Featured: Sue Sylvester - gLee. Disneyworld Vs the Glee Club Disneyworld Vs the Glee Club. Was he gay? . How’s school?” “Dance class is great.

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Gay sex male celebrity hard nude fakes. Justin Bieber, One direction, Glee, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan.. Oh yeaahh... Blaine is enjoying it now, because he is moaning too loud.

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The Puckurt Big Bang is an annual writing challenge focusing on the relationship between the characters of Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel from the television show Glee. Authors will complete stories of 15,000 words or more over.

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Posts about glee written by lemonadeandlemoncake. Tag Archives: glee. The main criticism I got from the last post is that gay guys like Kurt really DO exist, and Maxxie’s portrayal denies that fact.

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Glee fan site that is all about the FOX hit tv show Glee.. Picture of Mark Salling as Noah "Puck" Puckerman on Glee